Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shannen in NY

Shannen walking through New York with her stylist Tim Bitici. I like this guy, lol.

How does that kid walking behind them not know Shannen Doherty is a foot in front of him? Shannen Doherty! Maybe he knew, he was just respecting the fact that she was walking with her friend. LOL, I don't think so either. He must not have seen her face, maybe it was the sunglasses. Or should I say invisibility glasses.
If I saw Shannen walking down the street, because she hangs out here so often lol, I don't know if I would go up to her. I would probably just stand there and stare, praying that In that moment I had a photographic memory. That's an interesting thought. What would you do if you saw Shannen walking down the street. We have heard her talk about how much she loves her privacy, would you keep that in mind and try to stand back? Would you run up to her? I think I might take my phone out to record Shannen walking away. What can I say this isn't just any one. We are talking about SHANNEN DOHERTY!

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