Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shannen the Decorator

Before I found this article about her book, I was thinking about Shannens Decorating. Not out of the blue but I was looking at the pictures of her house she just sold. She has amazing taste. The ceilings are incredible. It looks like she focused on every little detail. Its fresh and open but looks very homey and lived in. Just really great taste all around. She should absolutely write about how she does it. She has pictures all over her house and all of them look like they were taken meant to go in the spot she has placed them.
The statues and art she has all seem to go together. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb or is just there to remind people that she has money. Does she go out and pick out the stuff when she is shopping for furniture or has it accumulated through out the years. If that's the case Do the different pieces go with different phases she has gone through? Or has she always had the same taste in art? How does she know if something is going to work? Has she had decorating blunders or always had an eye for what she would like that also looked good.

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