Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shannen the Decorator

Before I found this article about her book, I was thinking about Shannens Decorating. Not out of the blue but I was looking at the pictures of her house she just sold. She has amazing taste. The ceilings are incredible. It looks like she focused on every little detail. Its fresh and open but looks very homey and lived in. Just really great taste all around. She should absolutely write about how she does it. She has pictures all over her house and all of them look like they were taken meant to go in the spot she has placed them.
The statues and art she has all seem to go together. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb or is just there to remind people that she has money. Does she go out and pick out the stuff when she is shopping for furniture or has it accumulated through out the years. If that's the case Do the different pieces go with different phases she has gone through? Or has she always had the same taste in art? How does she know if something is going to work? Has she had decorating blunders or always had an eye for what she would like that also looked good.

Bad Ass -

"Shannen Doherty's Bad Ass, sharing the author's very personal journey from bad girl to a bad ass, with topics ranging from decorating and entertaining to charm and dating

p.s now in production, writing started in april 2009!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Beautiful Outsiders


Status: Pre-Production

Director:Andrew Jones

Writer:Andrew Jones

Genre: Crime / Road Movie

Locations: South Wales, UK


A road movie/crime drama in the vein of 'Badlands' and 'True Romance'. After six years, Jason Starkweather is released from prison. Placed in a halfway house and in a dead end job he seeks redemption for his criminal past. His ex-girlfriend Sarah Fugate works in a brothel to pay her way through university while living with an abusive older man. Desperate to make up for his past mistakes, Jason tracks Sarah down. A shocking incident reunites the couple and they go on the run, fleeing the authorities while rekindling their love for one another. After a number of incidents on the road, including betrayal by a friend of Jason's, the couple take sanctuary in the house of affluent Richard and his daughter Shannon. Eventually the unlikely foursome are brought together by the shared pain of their pasts and forge a genuine bond as the police close in.


Sarah Fugate.................Shannen Doherty

Jason Starkweather.......Cameron Douglas

Eric..............................Jeff Anderson

Richard........................Doug Bradley

Shannon...................... Stephanie James

I can't wait to see it! Shannen is going to be amazing, this sounds so different from anything she has done before. I like how Shannen Plays Sarah Fugate and there is another girl playing Shannon, LOL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Melissa Gilbert says it wasn't the first time

"Melissa Gilbert says that her Little House on the Prarie co-star Shannen Doherty had a one-night stand with her husband and ruined their marriage in her upcoming autobiography Prairie Tale. The incident occurred about five years after the show ended, and Gilbert claims “serial homewrecker” Doherty sought her husband out, “purely because she wanted to be like Melissa,” according to a source."

We all knew something like this was coming. It seems like now you can do drungs, make sex tapes, really anything but be assosiated with being a "homwrecker."
It was a safe bet that as soon as they were able to show that Shannen was with Kurt before he was divorced, Shannen "liking married men" I believe the tag was, that that was the only thing we were going to hear about for awhile.

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about Shannen and Kurt hooking up while he was still married. Although him and his wife were separated, Shannen has now been being compared to Mr. Tori spelling in the press. I guess people think that even if she didn't break up the marriage she was the reason they didn't work it out. Of course we wont ever know what really went on only Kurt and his wife do. Regardless of Shannens role in the marriage coming to an end, if she even had a role at all, I support her. The situation sucks and ideally I think Kurt could have waited until the devorse was final. However Shannen's situation is NOTHING like Tori's.
Its painful to even have to put there name in the same sentence. Tori has done nothing but brag about how much her and dean were in love during his marriage and how she was the reason he left his wife. Shannen is stuck in a situation between two people. Was it wrong for Shannen to not give his wife the respect of waiting until her marriage was over before she went out with her husband? I suppose, but I don't think Shannen would have done it if she had thought they had a chance to fix it. Why is it no one has mentioned Kurt? He is the one that stood in front of God and swore to love his wife forever and if anyone was wrong it was him. For all we know he did leave his wife for Shannen and she didnt even know it. ALOT of guys would love to leave there wifes for a chance with Shannen.

In short, I don't want to hear the tabloids, press or any other form of gossip tv or magazines talk about Shannen and this situation. If you haven't followed her and her career for all these years and have given her the benefit of the doubt every time then DON'T EVEN WASTE OUR TIME TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK HAPPENED. Frankly scarlet I don't care. If anyone is going to be bad its going to be us and if we decide that we are upset we are going to be upset at the people who are actually at fault not the easiest target that will produce the most money. What ever happened it was between Kurt and his wife. Wether he left her for Shannen or just didn't wait until they were officially over none of that is Shannens fault unless you actually think that Shannen saw him and moved in with the intension of ruining the marriage. In that case you haven't followed Shannen and you don't know how to be supportive and trust her to be the person she has always been.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

At this moment....

Its about 11:00pm in LA right now and 2:00am in New York, what do you think Shannen is doing right now? Do you think she watched the lakers game? I don't know, maybe she likes to go to sleep early. What I do know is how amazing she looked, May 7th outside the InStyle Launch party.

Wearing Christian Louboutin of course. Just in case Shannen ever does see this I wanted to make sure I mentioned her shoes. LOL


Some Almost Encounters I found on the web.

"Shannen Doherty is a reported frequent guest of the hotel. I actually saw Shannen once during one of my many visits the to the Langham. She was doing some press for her former reality show Breaking-Up With Shannen Doherty. Shannen was super tiny in person and seemed very sweet, although I did not go up to her."

I would DIE!

"She said that when Shannen Doherty stopped in, the shop was actually completely sold out of cupcakes! Shannen was very gracious, though, and did not throw any sort of hissy fit about not getting her cupcake fix. See, I knew she was nice!!!"

Of course she was!

Shannen in NY

Shannen walking through New York with her stylist Tim Bitici. I like this guy, lol.

How does that kid walking behind them not know Shannen Doherty is a foot in front of him? Shannen Doherty! Maybe he knew, he was just respecting the fact that she was walking with her friend. LOL, I don't think so either. He must not have seen her face, maybe it was the sunglasses. Or should I say invisibility glasses.
If I saw Shannen walking down the street, because she hangs out here so often lol, I don't know if I would go up to her. I would probably just stand there and stare, praying that In that moment I had a photographic memory. That's an interesting thought. What would you do if you saw Shannen walking down the street. We have heard her talk about how much she loves her privacy, would you keep that in mind and try to stand back? Would you run up to her? I think I might take my phone out to record Shannen walking away. What can I say this isn't just any one. We are talking about SHANNEN DOHERTY!