Friday, November 23, 2007

andrew levitas2

i was looking online and i found a couple of articles about shannen and its during the time the pics were taken of her and andrew makin' out, so its not a new article but it mentions jason pomeranc who she was suposidly dating afterwards who was not hott at all! LOL
first one
"On Tuesday night, Doherty and Andrew Levitas met Stacey Bendet and Jason Pomeranc at Nobu for dinner. During a smoke break, Doherty handed a girl on the sidewalk a $100 bill 'because she thought she was homeless', our spy said", New York Post (Page Six gossip column), Dec. 24, '03
second one
"Has Shannen Doherty, 32, finally broken it off with ex-husband and Paris Hilton's amateur filmmaker Rick Salomon? On Dec. 22, she was spotted in New York City with Party of Five actor Andrew Levitas, 26, having cocktails at Cipriani in SoHo before dinner at hot spot Nobu. The pair took a post-sushi smoke break outside the restaurant", US Weekly, Jan. 18, '04

Saturday, November 10, 2007

amazing eyes!

Shannen has the most amazing eyes lol they go from a deep blue to a light blue to a green than to dark blue and dark green

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kind of an a**

After getting over the shock of actually hearing that jason and shannen really did sleep together i started thinking about it and Jasons kind of an ass i mean come on ladys i would be pretty mad if some guy went on a talk show and said that we slept together so i cant even imagine how shannen feels she was so big than everyone watched 90210 and than to have a guy u were close with go and say this really shows how amazing shannen is for not going out there and saying something about it cus come one thats really no ones business lol im not gonna lie im glad he said it so that we know its true but if i was shannen id be pretty mad

1991 emmy awards

here r pics of jason and shannen at the 1991 emmy awards

Jason Priestly on shannen

LOL no pun intended but OMG Jason priestly and shannen did it lol he went on the Howard stern show and said that he did indeed sleep with shannen apparently sometime after the 1991 emmy awards lol that is crazy beans!
i mean i always thought that Jason was the cutest off 90210 but shannen played his sister so its also kinda weird when u think about it but hey what ever floats her boat and evidently Jason did just that LOL, its also crazy cus shannen has never commented about what exactly went on with her and Jason she just says that they were "close" but thanks to jason we now know just how close they were lol!
here is a pic of them kissin

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Baby Bump??

Shannen always looks amazing and these pics r no exseption and i couldnt be happyer that we r gonna get to see shannen in something new but as i was looking through pics from the abcfamily website i came across this one and shannen is always so skinny and no offence to her at all cus she is the BEST and if shes just healthy thats compleatly fine but she has been with that ryan guy for a while (the one with the red hair and is short) and maybe she is ready to start a family she has always said that she wanted kids, here r the pics

Thursday, November 1, 2007

shannen and her mom

there r tons of pictures of shannen and her mom here r a few ill post the rest later

more pics

Shannen and holly

These r pics of shannen and holly marie combs the girl she was on charmed with

shannen out with rob

shannens tattoo

Shannen originally just had the cross and now she has the cross and kinda of a flower bush underneath it and apparently she got the bush to cover up Robs name, here is a pic of what the tattoo looks like now

Privacy 4 shannen

Alright first let me say that if shannen were to ever say that any of the pics on here offended her i would absolutely take them down, that being said i luv to see shannen out and about being normal. I think that Shannen looks great is so many of the candid pics and they r deff my favorite