Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broke up Marriage? Nah

A lot of stuff has happened with Shannen since my last post so I'll start with the most recent news. Apparently there is an article in "Star" magazine about Shannen and Kurt Iswarienko getting together while he was still married. Hmm....At first I wasn't sure how to take this. According to Star, her people are saying that "she only began dating Kurt after the split". That seems fine, if he is done with his wife than Shannen didn't do anything wrong but according to his wifes mom, "Shannen broke up a marriage." I would never take this woman's word over Shannens. Her daughter lost her husband so she could just be bitter, looking to take her anger out on someone, Shannen clearly being the easiest target.
Honestly, I'm not crazy about this guy. However Shannen seems to really like him so I am more then willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I guess the confusion was because of the July 22nd picture of Kurt and His wife. To see them sitting there seemingly happy and 3 months later him out shopping with Shannen. Everyone is probably thinking this is coming from some over the top, maniac fan that would never admit to Shannen doing anything wrong. You don't have to worry any longer because that is not the case. I absolutely love Shannen! I guess you could say Shannen is my Oprah in the sense that as far as celebrity's go she's the only one I really love. But I love her because of who she is. I love that she is real and I am actually a bit happy about the mistakes she has made because they are part of who she is. I dont agree with this situation if in fact she did break up the marriage but Shannen has said numerous times that marriage is a sacred thing so I just don't see her doing this. Alright enough rambling for. Tomorrow I will be posting about her return to 90210 and will have quite a few picture posts. Thanks for reading!!!!

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