Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rob Weiss

I dont know to much about rob weiss exsept that he is a screenwriter andi did find him on wkipidia and i did find him on wikipedia and it said that he is best known for writing Entourage. Shannen and Rob met in 94 and got engaged in 95 and were on and off for a while, this was around the time she was filming the movie Mallrats, and was claimed by the film's director, Kevin Smith, to be a disruptive long distance presence. Smith has theorized that this may be the reason for two separate jabs at him on Entourage, coming in the second and third seasons respectively. The stuff from kevin smith i also found on wikipedia so im not sure when any of that was.
This might come as a bit of a shocker but i dont really have anything bad to say about rob, from the articles iv read about shannen she has only said good things about him and he seems to have played a pretty important part in her life and seems like the only one who shannen was really in love with so i dont have anything against him, he's kinda hott i guess lol but he's no Chris Foufas or Ashley Hamilton lol but as far as being a good person im gonna have to say that i like him more as a person more than any of the other guys she has been with,that's just cus i dont know to much about him though so i could change how i feel depending on what else i find out about him and shannen, im not sure why him and shannen broke up but if i had to guess i would say he broke up with her (keep in mind he cant be to great if he broke up with shannen) just cus when she talks about him it sounds like she would go back to him if she had the chance

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