Friday, October 19, 2007

Dean Factor

Dean Factor was shannens second fiancée (heir to the Max Factor cosmetics throne), and that was prolly her most public relationship (till Mr. Porn man that is), iv got to say im not a big fan of his lol, they were suposidly really intense and really in love and than all of a sudden they were getting into fights and he took a restraining order out on shannen, which frankly scarlett is just rediculous i mean come on shannes what 5'3 and weighs like 99 pounds, yup Dean factor better watch out for her, shes really gonna kick his a##, you know what, on second thought he better get a couple of body gards to protect him but since shannen is suck an a## kicker i think she could prolly take them to ya know what come to think of it we better just get him a hole army to protect him from little 3'5 99 pound shannen doherty!

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