Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girls just wanna have fun

lol i just saw this a couple of days ago and i thought shannen was so funny in it lol she is an amazing actress who doesnt get nearly enough credit for her work. She is the guys brother who is like the main guy dancer and she doesnt have a huge part but she kinda tags along and she is very funny lol i luv the part when she goes to this dance off kinda thing and she isnt there to dance but shes prolly there to see her brother and so her brother and his friend are sitting at his car and her brothers friend is like who is that hott girl so hes saying how hott she is and hes like turn around and when she turns around they see its really shannen LOL and shannens like OMG thats so cool do u really thing im hott lol its not an amazing movie but shannen is amazing in it its one of those were u fast forward to the good parts and almost all the good parts r the ones that have shannen in them

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